Sunday, September 25, 2005

Nic's 5 years old now!!

We celebrated Nic’s birthday 5 different times this week!!

Celebration #1: Wednesday morning I got up before the kids woke up, I drove down to Krispy Kreme’s and bought donuts for everybody for breakfast.

Celebration #2: A little later on Wednesday, Kris, Jac and I went to Nic’s school and had a cool birthday circle celebration. Nic got to walk around the sun 5 times!

Celebration #3: Later that night, we all went out to Red Robin for dinner. Nic took several of his presents with him, and he opened them while we waited for our dinner. He loved his magic coloring pen/coloring book the most! Of course, the Red Robin staff delighted Nic when they showed up singing Happy Birthday with a Sunday.

Celebration #4: Nic’s official birthday party was on Saturday. We went to Pump-it-up in Kirkland. All three of the boys and I ran around like crazy people bouncing on all the play equipment. Jac and I went down the slide 27 times.

Celebration #5: We stretched Nic’s birthday out just a little bit more, and we celebrated one more time tonight at Ruby’s in Redmond. The waitress came out with several other workers and they sang to Nic. They also gave him a gigantic chocolate sundae!



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