Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My new XBOX 360

They handed out line tickets to everyone in line around 2:00 pm (about an hour before I arrived). They stopped at #242, which was 14 people ahead of me. They kept promising to come back out and give more line tickets, but they never did. Instead, around 8pm they gave out vouchers to the 1st 150 people to get a premium system last night.

Then the they gave the rest of the people in line the choice between a core system that night (which they had 100 of) or a voucher for a premium system you could pick up on Wednesday. Apparently they could do the Wednesday thing because they were able to secure another 200 units someplace.

That was all great, and I would have been happy to get my XBOX 360 on Wednesday, but then a couple things happened.

About 11:00pm, the lines fell apart because "Party Buses" pulled up in front of the store giving out all sorts of cool free stuff (I'm wearing my XBOX 360 sweatshirt today!). The order of the line was severely compromised at that point. When Felix pointed this out, we both walked up to the building. We had been probably a thousand feet away tucked neatly behind Home Depot by the loading bays. When we got up to the Best Buy building, I went up pretty close to the front door to ensure that I could go in 14 people after the #242 line ticket person.

However, when the time came to start selling the XBOX 360s, they were only checking to see if you had a piece of paper in your hand at the door, nothing about the line ticket number, or rather or not you were getting a premium, core, or you had a voucher for a premium. Since I was just standing there, they directed me into the building.

I figured, I might be lucky enough to get inside early, but I'd still likely drive home with just another piece of paper. However ... Either they had found more units already, or they just weren't looking closely at the paper work inside, and they gave me a premium unit. Well gave isn't exactly correct. I did pay for it ... And for PGR3 and an extra wireless controller.

Anyway, I went home happily last night with my brand new XBOX 360. Now if I only had had time to play it before coming into work today.

Inside Best buy at 12:10, XBOX in hand outside at 12:16, at home at 12:39, and asleep at 12:40.

Now if I could only finish up the stuff I need to finish this week, I could go home and play 360.


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