Monday, September 03, 2007

Fall TV: 2007

It's that time of year again. It's September and each September for the past couple years, I've posted the shows that Kris and I are thinking about watching in the new TV season.

We don't actually watch all of these shows, but we set them all up on Tivo and watch quite a few of them. It's not uncommon for us to save them up and have double header nights were we'll watch two Houses, or two Mediums, or maybe a couple Simpsons, a couple Family Guys, and a Scrubs for fun.

This year, like all years, we have mostly a list of returning shows that we've watched before, a handful of shows that made the cut from last year's new shows, and a small smattering of new-for-this-year shows.

There's a bit of a problem this year, though: I'm not sure when we're actually going to get around to watching any of these shows. You see... we've recently gotten hooked on West Wing. We've been getting disc after disc from NetFlix, and we're really loving it. We're loving it so much, we're watching 2 episodes each night.

We're all thru the 2nd season, and we just started the 3rd season a couple nights ago. We have over a hundred episodes to go. At 2 a night, we're good for 7 more weeks. Yikes! That's a lot of TV.

Maybe I'll have to buy a bigger hard disk for our Tivo.

Anyway, here's the list for this fall:

Battlestar Galactica, Sci-Fi, 11/24/2008, Sundays @ 10pm

Nip/Tuck, FX, 10/23/2007 @ 10pm

Prison Break, [HDTV], FOX, 9/17/2007 @ 8pm
'Til Death, [HDTV], FOX, 9/19/2007 @ 8pm
King of the Hill, FOX, 9/23/2007 @ 7:30pm
The Simpsons, FOX, 9/23/2007 @ 8pm
Family Guy, FOX, 9/23/2007 @ 9pm
House, [HDTV], FOX, 9/25/2007 @ 8pm
American Dad, FOX, 9/30/2007 @ 8:30pm
24, [HDTV], FOX, 1/13/2008 @ 9pm
American Idol, [HDTV], FOX, ??? @ 8pm
NEW: Kitchen Nightmares, 9/19/2007 @ 9pm

Desperate Housewives, [HDTV], ABC, 9/30/2007 @ 9pm
Wife Swap, ABC, ??? @ 8pm
Lost, [HDTV], ABC, February 2008! Wednesdays @ 9pm
NEW: Pushing Daisies, [HDTV], ABC, 10/3/2007 @ 8pm
NEW: Samantha Who?, [HDTV], ABC, 10/15/2007 @ 9:30pm

Heroes, [HDTV], NBC, 9/24/2007 @ 9pm
My Name is Earl, [HDTV], NBC, 9/27/2007 @ 8pm
ER [HDTV], NBC, 9/27/2007 @ 10pm
Scrubs, NBC, 10/25/2007 @ 9:30pm
Medium, [HDTV], NBC, 1/20/2008 @ 9pm
NEW: Chuck, NBC, 9/24/2007 @ 8pm
NEW: Journeyman, NBC, 9/24/2007 @ 10pm
NEW: Bionic Woman, NBC, 9/26/2007 @ 9pm

CSI [HDTV], CBS, 9/27/2007 @ 9pm


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